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HCV Quest Global Patient Survey

The aim is to explore the diverse impacts of hepatitis C on patients’ lives, and to get input from as many patients globally as possible. The success of this project will be dependent on the widest possible participation — for the benefit of patients, the advancement of public policy and clinical practice, and the improvement of public understanding.

Video's from Aids 2014
A Selection of Vidoes from the 2014 AID's Conference held in Melbourne
Aids 2014 20th International Aids Conference

Some 12,000 participants and 1,200 journalists from all over the world gathered in Melbourne for the start of the AIDS 2014 Conference. Over five days delegates discussed the latest research developments and heard about the status of the epidemic from world renowned experts.

Tributes were paid at the opening session of the 20
th International AIDS Conference to the six delegates who lost their lives aboard flight MH17.  A one minute global moment of remembrance was held in their honour.

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Hope and Mercy Petition – If you are interested in getting involved, please sign the petition and share with others

 Two young Australians, Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran face execution in Indonesia in the coming days.

Andrew and Myuran have admitted that, in Bali in 2005, they attempted to traffic drugs to Australia. At the time, Andrew was 22 years old and Myuran 24. Since their convictionAndrew and Myuran have reformed themselves.

Andrew and Myuran have exhausted their avenues of appeal. The only thing which can save them now is a grant of clemency from Indonesia’s President.

If you would like to support the clemency appeal:

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